A NEW Covid vaccination centre has opened in Basingstoke - with the first set of patients receiving their jabs on Thursday (May 13) and many more booked in for the coming days and weeks.

Jameson House in Chineham joins the Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke Fire Station, Superdrug, and other vaccination sites to help the NHS escalate roll-out in the area.

The first group of around 750 people received their first doses at the new venue on Thursday.

However, exact opening days and times are likely to vary, subject to stock delivery, and so patients are advised to book online as advised when receiving notification of eligibility.

The building is run by Absolutely Offices, as part of a complex of business facilities which also includes nearby Grove House and Manor House.

Beryl Huntingdon, managing director, told the Gazette that she was “very impressed” by the set-up.

“It’s very slick,” she said, adding: “We are very pleased to be supporting the NHS with this.”

However, for many, this new site may be less familiar than the previous vaccination centres. So we visited the centre and took a look around.

When exiting the roundabout on Great Binfields Road, onto Lutyens Close, marshals will direct you into a car park on the left hand side.

You will be asked to remain in your car until queuing capacity is available, and then directed through a fully accessible side entrance to the building.

A clearly marked queuing system is in place, before you are led to a booth for your vaccine to be administered.

With certain vaccines, you may be asked to wait in the room for a short while after receiving it.

A pharmacy has been set up in a side room, where the vaccines are stored and transferred onto trolleys which the medical staff and volunteers use to bring them to the vaccination booths.

There are also after-care rooms for anyone who feels unwell, and patients are advised to inform a staff member immediately in the unlikely event that this is the case.

Arrows on the floor direct you to the exit at the back of the room, which takes you straight back out into the car park.

However, Absolutely Offices have also said that its cafe, offering Costa coffee and light refreshments, is open at nearby Grove House on Monday - Friday, 8.30am to 2pm and is open to the public.