Hampshire Court Hotel will reopen to public next week as the lockdown restrictions ease further on Monday.

The hotel in Chineham, which remained shut since the start of the lockdown, has been home to North Hampshire NHS team’s vaccination drive.

It was named one of the top five performing Covid-19 vaccination sites in the country in March, while it reached the milestone of administering 100,000 Covid jabs on April 29.

Now, with the hotel reopening to public, there will be minor changes to the way it operates, according to the hotel chain’s general manager Steve Lawson.

But public has nothing to worry as Mr Lawson promised there won’t be any disruptions to guests or people who visit to take jabs.

“The layout of the hotel means that the vaccination centre can continue without any disruption to guests,” he said.

“The only minor change to our guests’ experience is that they will enter/leave via the leisure club entrance, but other than that all our facilities/service will operate as normal.

“We are really excited to have been able to reconnect and train the team to ensure that we are fully re-engaged and ready to receive our guests.

“Our policy throughout is to ensure that the hotel is clean and safe. The NHS team have created a buzz within the hotel for sure, but we are looking forward to welcoming our guests back and doing what we do best which is delivering great hospitality.”

The centre is supported by hundreds of nurses, other clinical colleagues, and administrative staff, from practices all across North Hampshire. They have been supported by an army of volunteers, including the Rotary Club and BVA.

Looking back at the time Hampshire Court decided to provide a space for the vaccination programme, Mr Lawson said the company directors were delighted to be able to help the NHS.

“We were approached by the North Hampshire NHS team and after we conducted a site visit it was established that our hotel was in a perfect location and all the facilities met theirs needs exactly.

“The separate entrance to the main function suite where the vaccinations would take place gave the ability to create a one-way system and flow.

“Our small meeting room off reception created office spaces for the operations team for the management and booking of the vaccinations.

“The Company directors were delighted to be able to help the NHS with the fantastic job they are doing by assisting in the use of the hotel’s facilities.”

The vaccination unit at Hampshire Court Hotel is expected to continue at least until the summer.

“We are committed to supporting the NHS through this and it is a moving feast depending upon their requirements, but I can confirm that they will be with us until the summer for now,” he added.

The hospitality industry was one of the most affected sectors during the pandemic with majority of businesses being forced to shut down to adhere to government restrictions.

But with over 60 per cent of UK population receiving at least one dose of the vaccine, Mr Lawson believes the sector will bounce back quickly and strongly.

“Our sector has suffered a lot, especially during the lock downs,” he said.

“Within The QHotels Group our leaders have worked tirelessly to ensure that we have kept our eye on the ball and that we have been fully prepared in all aspects for when we have reopened. “Communication and engagement has been the key throughout the lock downs, our message through the lock downs was ‘it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon’ to all of our guests.

“I honestly feel that hotels are safe places as we have greater controls in place compared to other industries – for example when you arrive at the hotel you have to track and trace, and we have a robust cleaning regime.

“I really think the hospitality sector economy will bounce back very quickly and strongly as people want to get out and have a break as they have been locked within their own four walls for so long.”