Ever since pubs and restaurants reopened their doors almost one month ago, it has provided a massive relief and allowed friends and family to see each other again.

In Hampshire, actually going to a restaurant or pub stopped in December after the region was put into tier 4 restrictions, before the national lockdown.

But with measures easing, hospitality is set to resume indoors from May 17.

Until then, we still need to stay outside when visiting the pub, meaning the weather forecast is pivotal.

Here is the Met Office forecast across Basingstoke this weekend.


If you are planning on going out anywhere today, make sure it is this afternoon.

A band of rain that swept in from the Atlantic last night will continue to move across our region until lunchtime. It'll see heavy rain and dark clouds until it clears, with a chance the sun might come out this evening.

Top temperatures are 15 degrees, but it will feel like 11 degrees at best.

Sunrise is at 5.25am, and it will set at 8.37pm.

6am: heavy rain, 8C

7am: heavy rain, 8C

8am: heavy rain, 9C

9am: heavy rain, 10C

10am: heavy rain, 11C

11am: heavy rain, 12C

12midday: light rain, 12C

1pm: light rain, 13C

2pm: overcast, 13C

3pm: overcast, 14C

4pm: light cloud, 14C

5pm: light cloud, 15C

6pm: light cloud, 15C

7pm: sunny intervals, 14C

8pm: light cloud, 13C

9pm: light cloud, 13C

10pm: light cloud, 13C


Sunday is set to be the better of the two days this weekend, but don't expect it to feel like summer just yet.

It is set to be overcast with light showers in the evening.

It will be a tad warmer than Saturday, but there's still a bit of a wind chill and the cloud cover will mean it doesn't feel particularly warm.

Top temperature is set to be 16 degrees, and feel like 12 at best.

Sunrise is at 5.23am, with sunset at 8.39pm.

7am: overcast, 12C

10am: light cloud, 14C

1pm: light cloud, 16C

4pm: light cloud, 16C

7pm: light cloud, 14C

10pm: light showers, 11C

Next week

Going into next week, it's set to be typical spring-like sunshine and showers on Monday and Tuesday, whilst Wednesday is set to be a little bit more miserable.

Top temperatures for the first part of the week probably won't go above 14 degrees.