HUMAN faeces, Anti pandemic posters and Ally Law stickers are just some of the problems residents across Hampshire have reported so far this year.

FixMyStreet, built by charity mySociety, allows residents to file reports with the submissions automatically lodged with the relevant council.

Here are some of the report’s residents have filed in your area so far this year.


Hyde Street Winchester cycling gap blocked

Reported anonymously on May 3.

The report reads: “When I was cycling along Hyde Street in Winchester yesterday, I found that the gap in the barriers reserved for cyclists to pass through to get to North Walls, or from Jewry Street to Hyde Street, was completely blocked by the plastic barriers. Could you remind the roadworks contractors that there are supposed to be gaps to allow cyclists, please?”

Basingstoke Gazette:

Human faeces

Reported anonymously on March 19.

The complainant said: “Local vagrants have used tree by river opposite number 52 water lane as a toilet. Ongoing problem in area.”

Litter bin full of dog poo

Reported anonymously on March 23

One unhappy resident said: “The litter bin next to couch green playground is completely full and overflowing with dog poo bags and litter.”


Ally Law stickers

Reported by Nathan Harvey on April 23

The report reads: “Ally law has placed a banner on the arundel tower foot bridge that crosses Portland terrace road. Encouraging youngsters to be idiots on rooftops.”


Reported anonymously on March 21

One unhappy resident said: “Frequent offensive smelling bonfires lasting hours on a regular basis from The Crescent, been reported many times but council do nothing, debris rains on our gardens but apparently it’s not against the law, he does this all summer, cannot even have windows open, they are usually in the day time, today it started at 1 pm and is still billowing smoke at 17:00, what can we do as council not interested, it affects 5 homes mostly.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

Redbridge roundabout fence

Reported anonymously on March 24

An anger resident said: “Residents of Cuckmere are very unhappy with the size of the fence that has been put up it's depressing to look at , I have set up with the council a neighbourhood project to make things look better and a signed petition is going to be done. It's effecting peoples mental health and feels like we're in a prison, can you please get in touch with regards of having the fence taking down or at least halved.”


Traffic makes my house shake

Reported anonymously on April 30

A worried resident said: “My house and annex shake, cracks have formed and window vibrate with heavy goods traffic on Bramley Road. This is a substantial not trivial shaking - feels like an earthquake and is causing significant damage / impact. There is a Thames Water manhole outside the front of my property on the road, which may not be seated correctly. This has been happening for years, but is worse due to the speed of the road, the increase of heavy goods traffic (new lorry park at boars bridge farm) coach park at berry court farm). Will be getting advice from geo / structural engineer for damages.”

Anti-pandemic poster on Ellington drive

Reported anonymously on April 15

The complaint reads: “There is flyposting on the lamppost near the junction of the road with the footpath to the subway encouraging people to violate lockdown.”

Graffiti on Gershwin Road

Reported anonymously on February 12

The report reads: “Hi, there’s graffiti on wall along Gershwin Road by the bus stop between Boyce Close and Copland Close. I think the wall backs onto properties in Carmichael Way. Almost identical graffiti reported in exactly the same place in August 2018.”

Basingstoke Gazette:


Excessive amounts of dog poo

Reported anonymously on March 21

One anonymous user took to the website 13 times in one day to report dog poo in and around Picket Twenty. The resident took pictures of each dog fouling he spotted caption each with: “Dog poo is everywhere over the common walking field picket twenty."

Annoyingly high level traffic signals at Hundred Acre roundabout 

Reported anonymously on January 19

An angered resident wrote: “Can anyone explain to me why the traffic lights on this one approach are so high? When you're waiting at the stopline, you really have to arc your head up to see them change. I believe these signals are mounted on a taller pole than normal ones. Other traffic lights on tall poles will still have a traffic light at normal hight in addition to the high level one. Why is this one location different? I would suggest adding some extra traffic lights at a lower level or replace them with standard height poles and lights.”

Continuous speeding in Whitchurch

Reported anonymously on April 15

The written complaint reads: “The speeding on the roads in Whitchurch is getting worse. Something seriously needs to be done to avoid unnecessary deaths or serious injury. I do not understand why cars continue to be allowed to speed through our town. Today a white builders truck went thundering down Bloswood Lane at an excess of 60 MPH maybe faster. Passing a mother and her pram. Please make our town a safer place to live. This is not an isolated incident, this is happening every day and this needs addressing urgently please.”