SIGNS up in Eastrop car park warning that it closes at 4pm because of fly-tipping issues are no longer applicable, the council has said.

Signs were installed at the pedestrian exit of one of the car parks in Eastrop informing users that it will close from 4pm until 10am because of “incidents of fly-tipping at the recycling centre”.

However, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s head of environmental services, Tom Payne, said this was a temporary measure.

He added: “We have had some issues with fly-tipping at the recycling site in one of the two car parks at Eastrop Park.

“Clearing fly-tipping is costly and time-consuming and dumping waste is a criminal offence.

“The early closure of this car park was a temporary measure to try to deter those people who are inconsiderately fly-tipping their waste from doing so.

“Both car parks at Eastrop Park are now open again until dusk and we ask that people use the recycling bins correctly.

“People needing to dispose of household waste and recycling can book an appointment at their local Household Waste Recycling Centre by visiting”