STAFF and residents at Ashcombe House care home were delighted to present a cheque to a young boy with spinal bifida, to fulfil his dreams to own a bespoke red trike.

Residents learnt of Oliver’s story in the Gazette and wanted to know how they could help make Oliver’s dreams come true.

Barchester Healthcare run a staff lottery which not only gives employees the chance to win cash prizes but it is also an opportunity to support charities. Every month at least 45% of all proceeds are donated to a charity or community project.

The residents were delighted when they received news of the approval to donate to Oliver’s Trike fund, a cause that became close to their hearts.

Oliver attended Ashcombe House, Worting Road, with his big Sister, Mum and Nan to receive his cheque for £600, meaning the family have no raised enough for the trike. Posting on Oliver's trike fund Facebook page, his mum, Pam, wrote:

"Today Oliver was lucky enough to be presented with a cheque for £600 from all the staff and residents of Ashcombe House. We cannot thank you enough for your kind and generous donation.

" I am pleased to announce that with everyone’s help, including from a couple of charities, we have reached our target of being able to get Oliver his trike and attachments."

Resident Margaret Sales was touched reading Oliver’s story and she was happy to hand over the cheque. Margaret asked Oliver if he would come and show us the trike once he gets it. Oliver and his Mum said they would love to come again and ride around the home's garden. Oliver promised Margaret he makes the best chocolate cupcakes and that he will bring them along.

Louise Lambert, general manager said: “We are always keen to show as much support as we can to the local community.

"The residents are looking forward to staying in contact with Oliver and his family."