With just a week until voters head to the polls, The Gazette has today published an election special supplement.

It is already being dubbed 'Super Thursday' after a number of votes were carried over from 2020, but in Basingstoke, it's the biggest and arguably the most important elections in over a decade.

The all-out elections on an already knife-edge borough council mean there is plenty up for grab come May 6.

And as if that's not enough, voters will also be able to elect their county councillors and new Police and Crime Commissioner.

Inside this week's election special, which you can pull out of your regular Gazette, there's all the information you need on how you can make your voice heard, as well as a list of all the candidates standing across Basingstoke and Deane.

There's also an introduction to the parties standing in each ward and they have their say on just two of the key issues - fly-tipping and the future of the town centre.

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