A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD girl from Tadley has made the brave decision to have nine inches of hair chopped off, to help children with cancer.

When Tilly Chaffé, 7, told her mum, that she wanted to have her beautiful waist-length hair cut, she was shocked.

Mum Natasha, said she was unsure about Tilly’s wish to have her hair cut short, but when she heard the reason behind it, she was filled with pride.

Tilly told her mum she wanted to donate her lovely long locks, to help poorly children who had lost their hair.

Together the pair set about researching and chose to donate to The Little Princess Trust- a specialist charity that provides thousands of real hair wigs to sick children and young people, aged up to 24 years across the UK and Ireland.

Yesterday (April 28), the day before her seventh birthday, Tilly took the plunge and headed down to Tahlia’s Hair and Beauty in Tadley to have her hair cut.

Mum Natasha told the Gazette: “Is was Tilly’s idea, she was really interested in getting her hair cut because it was really long. I said all your beautiful long hair will be gone and she said no mummy because I can give it to a child who is poorly who has lost their hair. So, we looked online and found the Princess trust and we printed off the application form. She was adamant that that was what she wanted to do.

Basingstoke Gazette:

“She was so happy after she got her hair cut, she was just full of smiles. She’s so proud of how much she can give to somebody and can’t wait to send it off today after school.

“I was surprised when she told me this was something she wanted to do because we had never really talked about anything like that and as far as I’m aware she doesn’t know anybody with cancer.

“I’m so incredibly proud of her I couldn’t be any prouder of her I just think she’s such a kind warm-hearted little girl. For a seven-year-old to do something like this is just amazing and I love her so much.”