AN ENDURANCE cyclist who was travelling across England to raise money for charity has ended his pursuit after he was pushed off his bike in Andover.

Chris Hall, who was raising awareness about testicular cancer and the Movember campaign, decided to call off the challenge saying “it’s frustrating to stop but ultimately the safest call”.

In an Instagram post, Chris detailed the incident he had to face while crossing Andover on Tuesday night.

“Unfortunately during the night cycling through Andover I had a bunch of men decide it would be funny to try and push me off my bike,” Chris said.

“One of the group ran across to push me off, I think in attempt to steal the bike or just to have a laugh at my expense.

“At this point I was probably about 350km into the challenge with close to 6000 meters of climbing. I was pretty exhausted and on the limit as it was. When I next saw the guys filming, around 10:30pm I was pretty emotional and we decided to stop and get some sleep for the night and have a think about what to do in the morning.

“After a chat with a few friends and the guys filming we decided to pull the pin on the challenge. The final stats were about 400km with over 6,050 meters of elevation in just over 15 hours. Quite frankly my head was not in it any more and feeling nervous on the bike and already pretty fatigued, silly mistakes can easily happen and it’s not worth the risk.

Chris’ plan was to travel from Land’s End in Cornwall to Ness Point in Lowestoft, a distance of 687 kilometres with more than 6,500 metres of climbing.

He has previously competed in the National 24-Hour Time Trial Championship.