Work to install a new fire alarm system at a block of flats that failed fire safety checks last year has been completed.

A new fire alarm has been installed at Crown Heights, on Alencon Link, which means a costly 24/7 fire patrol can be removed.

The patrol, known as a waking watch, costs thousands of pounds and it is currently unknown whether leaseholders will have to pick up its cost.

The new alarm features detectors and sounders in each of the 288 flats across the four blocks, meaning that the fire service was content to remove the waking watch.

The news will come as a boost for residents, although the external wall system, found to be flammable back in December 2020, remains.

As previously reported, an intrusive survey revealed the outside of the four blocks at Crown Heights is covered in an STO-insulated render, which is a coating traditionally made of a mix of lime, water and aggregate. It is insulated by the flammable substance EPS, and contained no fire breaks.

FirstPort, the management company of Crown Heights, have been successful in an application for remedial works to the external walls, with government funding coming from the Building Safety Fund.

Further assessments are now being carried out to come up with a plan to carry out the works.

The installation of the fire alarm will be met by the Waking Watch Relief Fund, although it does cover the waking watch itself and it is not known how that cost will be covered.

A spokesperson for FirstPort said: “We are pleased to confirm that a new fire alarm system has been installed at Crown Heights, which includes detectors and sounders in each of the 288 flats.

“Following the completion of these works, Waking Watch at Crown Heights has now ceased.

“In addition, we have successfully applied for funding for remedial works at Crown Heights, via the Building Safety Fund. We are now carrying out further assessments to ascertain and plan the required scope of works.

“We will continue to update residents as further information becomes available.”