GPs responsible for Covid vaccinations in north Hampshire are encouraging residents to check when they will receive their second dose.

The clinic, run by North Hampshire's Clinical Commissioning Group at the Hampshire Court Hotel, have given more than 80,000 doses since they opened in December 2020.

According to the latest NHS data released last week, more than 90 per cent of people in the region aged 50 or over have received their first doses, with the Hampshire Court being labelled by the Health Secretary as one of the best in the country.

This includes all people aged 60-64 and 75-79, as well as more than 95 per cent of people in the 55-59, 65-74 and 80+ brackets.

Now, the GPs running the centre are encouraging everyone that received a vaccine between February and March to ensure they know when to receive their second dose.

Second doses are being given around 11 weeks after the first dose after guidance from the Chief Medical Officers of the UK to space the doses out, in order to ensure more people get a first dose.

Therefore, patients given their first vaccine on February 2 can expect to return to the Hampshire Court Hotel on Tuesday, April 20 for their next jab.

Appointment times for second doses will be the same as the first dose.

You can see the full table here:

This is when you can expect your second dose, if you had your first at the Hampshire Court Hotel.

This is when you can expect your second dose, if you had your first at the Hampshire Court Hotel.

A spokesperson for the vaccination team said: "Our vaccine centre has now passed the 80,000 doses given. The success of this programme has been driven by the support of our communities, our volunteers, our health staff and our patients.

"We are looking forward to seeing you for your second dose shortly. We enclose a list of our dates below which shows you when your second dose will be.

"Your appointment will be at the same time as your first dose.

"Please do not turn up at any other time as we cannot guarantee you a vaccine.

"If you have forgotten your time or wish to check your date, please call us on 0333 332 0855 and our team will be happy to help."

Vaccination centres across England are currently prioritising second doses as well as giving first doses to those in the first nine priority groups.

It comes as stocks of vaccines are reduced because of supply issues and under 30s are advised not to have the AstraZeneca vaccine.