The list of candidates vying for the votes of Basingstoke residents has been revealed.

Next month, on May 6, the borough will go to the polls as residents will vote in their new councillors in the All Out Local Elections.

Fifty-four seats are up for grabs which could see the current council make-up change dramatically or not at all - depending on how the public vote.

The number of councillors has also been reduced this year from 60 down to 54. The elections were supposed to take place in May 2020 but were cancelled due to Covid.

Residents will be voting for three councillors each. Keep an eye on The Gazette over the upcoming weeks as we will publish details about the candidates and political parties.

Without further ado, here are the candidates:

Basing & Upton Grey Ward

Onnalee Cubitt (Conservative)  

Sven Godesen (Conservative)  

James Kennan (Lib Dem)

Richard Lilleker (Lib Dem)

Beth Lowe (Labour)

Anna Moynihan (Hampshire Independents)

Mark Ruffell (Conservative)  


Christine Heath (Hampshire Independents)

Nalin Jayawardena (Conservative)

Simon Mahaffey (Conservative)

Lydia Massey (Labour)

Nick Robinson (Conservative) 

Mark Scott (Lib Democrat)

Chris Tomblin (Basingstoke & Deane Independents)

Brighton Hill

Andrea Bowes (Lib Democrat)

Simon Carr (Conservative)

Andy Konieczko (Lib Democrat)

Andy McCormick (Labour)

Ben McDonnell (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Stephen Rolfe (Labour)

William Rouse (Conservative)

Praveen Singh (Conservative)

Alan Stone (Hampshire Independents)

Kim Taylor (Labour)

Peter Whitaker (Lib Democrat)

Brookvale & Kings Furlong

Ryan Hickling (Lib Democrat)

Michael Howard-Sorrell (Labour)

Sam Jeans (Conservative)

Scott Lawrence (Lib Democrat)

Francesca Maritan (Lib Democrat)

Simon Martin (Labour)

Arun Mummalaneni (Conservative)

Edward Norman (Conservative)

Julie Pierce (Labour)

Stan Tennison (Hampshire Independents)


Laura Edwards (Conservative)

Maria French (Labour)

Jonathan Jenkin (Green Party)

Paul Miller (Conservative)

Richard Musson (Green Party)

Stephen Philpotts (Green Party)

Jenny Vaux (Conservative)

Jo Walke (Independent)

Dave Watson (Hampshire Independents)

Stephen Whitechurch (Lib Dem)

Nigel Wooldridge (Labour)

Eastrop & Grove

Seem Alsasa (Hampshire Independents)

Priya Brown (Women’s Equality Party)

Seb Courtois (Conservative)

Effie Grant (Conservative)

Ronald Hussey (Lib Dem)

Gavin James (Lib Dem)

Kieran Kerswell (Labour)

John McKay (Lib Dem)

Steve Vaux (Conservative)

Andrew Wilson (Labour)


Samuel Carr (Conservative)

Graham Falconer (Conservative)

John Izett (Conservative)

Pauleen Malone (Lib Dem)

Linda Stepney (Lib Dem)

Robert Thomas (Labour)

Hatch Warren & Beggarwood

Rebecca Bean (Conservative)

Ted Blackmore-Squires (Lib Dem)

Trish Case (Labour)

Spencer Cleary (Hampshire Independents)

Tom Cusack (Labour)

Samir Kotecha (Conservative)

Dan Putty (Conservative)

Kempshott & Buckskin

David Bell (Labour)

Richard Court (Conservative)

Hayley Eachus (Conservative)

Bill Farrington (Green)

Walter McCormick (Labour)

Stav O’Doherty (Lib Dem)

Aji Peter (Conservative)

Karl Stewart (Labour)

David White (Hampshire Independents)

Marion Wolstencroft (Lib Dem)


Michael Archer (Conservative)

Jardine Barrington-Cook (Lib Dem)

Andrew Clarke (Con)

Mayola Demmenie (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition)

Stephen Drake (Labour)

Paul Harvey (Basingstoke & Deane Independents)

Phil Heath (Hampshire Independents)

Jim Holder (Con)

Laura James (Basingstoke & Deane Independents)

Jack Murphy (Labour)

Carolyn Wooldridge (Labour)

Oakley & The Candovers

Paula Baker (Lib Dem)

Robert Cooper (Lib Dem)

Lucy Dean (Hampshire Independents)

Ian Edney (Lab)

Paul Gaskell (Con)

Hannah Golding (Con)

Diane Taylor (Con)


Lindsay Benjamin (Lib Dem)

Michael Berwick-Gooding (Lib Dem)

Mark Budden (Con)

Grant Donohoe (Lab)

Steve James-Bailey (Hampshire Independents)

Deborah Moss (Con)

David Potter (Basingstoke & Deane Independents)

Satya Sookhun (Con)

Tom Sajish (Lab)

Jacky Tustain (Lab)

Sherborne St John & Rooksdown

Martin Baker (Lib Dem)

Simon Bound (Con)

Samir Chekini (Lab)

Criss Connor (Lab)

Jay Ganesh (Con)

Pete King (Hampshire Independents)

Tristan Robinson (Con)

South Ham

Neil Davis (Con)

Stephanie Grant (Lab)

Madeline Hussey (Lib Dem)

Tony Jones (Lab)

Michael McKay (Lib Dem)

David O’Donnell (Con)

Duncan Stone (Hampshire Independents)

Lilian Turner (Con)

Gary Watts (Lab)

Tadley & Pamber

Charlotte Bennett (Hampshire Independents)

Mike Bound (Lib Dem)

Kerri Carruthers (Con)

Elliott Gardiner (Lab)

Steve Gibbons (Lib Dem)

David Leeks (Con)

Derek Mellor (Con)

Simon Reeves (Lab)

Matt Russell (Lab)

Jo Slimin (Lib Dem)

Tadley North, Kingsclere & Baughurst

Stuart Frost (Con)

Warwick Lovegrove (Lib Dem)

Ria Meiszner (Lib Dem)

Lee Morgan (Lab)

Kerry Morrow (Lib Dem)

Ray Peach (Independent)

Geoff Poland (Con)

Ken Rhatigan (Con)

Stephen Rothman (Lab)

Whitchurch, Overton & Laverstoke

James Aris (Con)

Marc Connor (Lab)

Lucie Follett (Independent)

Alex Hands (Lib Dem)

Adi Harris (Lib Dem)

Robert Holliday (Hampshire Independents)

Johanna Perry (Con)

Colin Phillimore (Basingstoke & Deane Independents)

Jonathan Richards (Con)

Lucy Sloane Williams (Lib Dem)

Ian Tilbury (Basingstoke & Deane Independents)

Winklebury & Mandydown

Abigail Compton-Burnett (Con)

Sean Dillow (Con)

Declan Embley (Lab)

Angie Freeman (Lab)

Alex Lee (Lab)

Wendy McKay (Lib Dem)

Scott Neville (Hampshire Independents)

Mike Patchett (Con)


What do ward councillors actually do? 

Councillors are elected to the local council to represent their local community, so they must either live or work in the area. They get paid an allowance and expenses as payment for their time and role in public service.

We have 60 councillors in Basingstoke and Deane. Each year, a third of these positions are up for election. This occurs for three consecutive years with a rest period on the fourth year.

This year, it is the 'All Out Elections' which means every seat is up for grabs. This means the entire makeup of the current council could look quite different depending on how the public vote.