A ‘DISTRACTED’, speeding driver who ‘mowed down’ a motorcyclist and fled the scene of the crash near Hook has outlined his remorse in a letter read in court.

Luke John, of of Forest Road, Woodley, was sentenced to four years imprisonment by Recorder James Watson QC at Winchester Crown Court last week (Thursday, April 1).

The 26-year-old’s defence counsel, Mr McCann, read extracts from a letter penned by his client, following the death of Tenny Turner, 53, on Reading Road in September 2019.

The popular boxing coach and father-of-three has been slowing at a junction when he was 'mowed down', the court heard. 

“I think about what I could have done differently. I wish I had not been distracted, had paid more attention. I thought I was strong but instead I was weak,” John wrote.

The judge highlighted John’s “selfish disregard for the safety of anyone else”, after the court was told of how he left the Leather Bottle Pub with friends, and allowed loud music and shouting from his passengers influence him to drive recklessly, at nearly twice the speed limit of 40mph.

The letter continued: “Several times I have been to the scene of the accident. I have sat and talked to Mr Turner. I have told him I wish it was me instead of him.”

Before being sent to serve four years behind bars, John’s letter made a promise to all those attendance, including several members of Mr Turner’s family, as well as of his own.

“I promise there won’t be a day in my life when I won’t think of him, all of his family, and what I have done,” he said.