A BASINGSTOKE family were told that little Oliver, 4, would never walk - but he’s proven everyone wrong, and now hopes to ride a trike.

Oliver was born 10 weeks early with hydrocephalus, two types of spina bifida, fixed talipes (also know as ‘club feet’) and numerous other conditions.

He is paralysed from waist down, and has had in excess of 20 operations with, sadly, more to come.

But it’s not stopped the cheerful young boy from embracing life, and he is depserate to join his peers in riding a bright red bike.

Sharing her grandson’s story, Aisha Elshaikh said: “He’s the most happy, cheeky, funny, social and determined child you could ever have the pleasure of meeting.

“He’s beaten all odds and proved medics wrong with his determination to be independent. He wants to ride a red trike, but we cannot afford the £2,000.00 + price tag.”

To donate to Oliver’s family’s appeal, visit: gofund.me/97289f8a