BROTHER and sister team David and Katie Sims have signed up for the virtual Jurassic Coast Hike which spans 95 miles, with the aim to raise money and awareness for the medical condition called Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder (NEAD).

They’re raising money for the charity FND Action which specialise in helping individuals and families living with the condition, which occurs when the brain can't handle particular thoughts, memories, emotions or sensations.

David said: "Our father, Graham, was diagnosed with NEAD more than ten years ago and from our experience there really isn’t much support or awareness.

"This is where FND Action makes the biggest difference. Families can contact them with any questions or concerns, find out about local support, online support groups, information on professional medical help and much more. Unfortunately, like everything they need money to be able to run and provide this crucial support."

The pair have already surpassed their target of £200.

You can support David and Katie at: