A CLASSICAL musician from Oakley is excited to be releasing his debut album later this month.

George Lincoln grew up in the Basingstoke area, attending Basingstoke Area Youth Junior Choir, Basingstoke Area Youth Choir (BAYC), and Hampshire County Youth Choir (HCYC).

The 21-year-old is currently studying Music Production at Canterbury Christ Church University, where he is also a Choral Scholar.

On April 12, his first EP, Georgeolian Mode, which is an electronic soundtrack with a huge variety of inspirations including Kate Bush, Giorgio Moroder, and Beethoven, will be available on all streaming services.

George told the Gazette: “Although it is not the typical music you would hear on the radio, the initial feedback I've received has been good.

“It is an Electronic Instrumental Album, in which Sound Design, Music Production, and Composition come hand-in-hand.”

The classical singer and composer also sings with the London Oriana Choir, a group of singers who meet every week and perform around London as well as international V=venues.

His album takes inspiration from the electronic composers of the 70s and 80s such as Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis, and Wendy Carlos, and also features a 2 minutes and 49 seconds intermission in the form of a soundscape.

George also credits much of his musical education with the Anvil and Haymarket venues in Basingstoke, and says he was “speechless” when he heard of the council’s recent decision to halve the organisation’s funding.

He said: “This album is dedicated to The Anvil Theatre, and it’s amazing staff who work tirelessly to support The Anvil’s world class acts, as well as the vital work of Anvil Arts in the local community.

“Anvil Arts is the largest arts organisation in Hampshire, and is where I learned to perform and make music. I understand that times are tough for everyone, but there is no justification for cutting the funding of this world class venue in half.

“If the cuts go ahead as planned, I believe this will be the biggest mistake the council ever make.”