IT WAS predicted, but for many not truly believed. 

This afternoon, snow has hit Basingstoke as temperatures have dropped, with highs of 7°C and lows of -2°C.

If you look out your windo wjust now, you may well catch a glimpse of the white stuff - an unusual sight for April.

And, even when the temperatures aren't particulalry low, the 'feels like' coolness of the air is far lower.

While it is currently 7°C in town, it feels like 2°C, and is expected to feel as low as -5°C overnight. 

The forecast for the rest of the week sees continued cold weather, and more snow showers on the horizon over the weeksnd.

However, looking to the following week, warmer weather is likely to return. 

  • Weather is correct as per The Weather Channel at 3pm on Tuesday, April 6.