Dear Editor,

I moved to Hampshire 29 years ago and wondered where I would find good music.

Then the glorious Anvil opened and all was well.

From Bach to Buena Vista, Brubeck to Beethoven with plenty of comedians and dancers in between, it has been a joy.

Then I joined Basingstoke Choral Society and discovered that performing there is equally amazing.

As Basingstoke and Deane Council point out on their website the Anvil has '...some of the finest acoustics in the country,' and  '...has firmly established itself as one of the South's leading venues for high quality live music.' 

I agree 100%, so why jeopardize the future of such a great arts organisation when it is so vital to the area?

We need to experience live theatre and music again, community groups need to perform, schools needs the outreach provided by Anvil Arts and Basingstoke needs the footfall from visitors.

I beg the Councillors to reconsider before they do irreparable damage to the cultural fabric of their town.

Clarissa Palmer
Micheldever Station