HAMPSHIRE police and a local authority have explained how far people can travel following the new "Stay Local" rule this week.

From Monday (March 29), some restrictions that have been in place for nearly three months changed as Hampshire and the rest of England comes out of lockdown.

Under Boris Johnson's four-step plan, people will be allowed to meet outdoors in groups of six - or as two households if that number exceeds six.

Hampshire Constabulary has now revealed officers won't stop people from one area to another, stressing the guidance is not enforceable by the police.

A spokesperson from the force said: "The Government guidance advises people to 'minimise domestic travel' after the Stay at Home rule came to an end on 29 March.

"This is guidance only and so will not be enforceable by the police."

However, officers will still talk to the public over potential lockdown breaches, while encouraging them to stick to the Government's guidance.

The spokesperson explained: "We will continue to use the 4Es approach (engage, explain, educate and as a last resort enforcement) when speaking to members of the public about potential breaches of the regulations that are in place, and to encourage them to observe the government guidance."

Hampshire County Council (HCC) stressed the public should minimise travel where possible and "think very carefully" about it.

A spokesperson from HCC said: "As part of the Government's roadmap out of lockdown, the restriction changes that came into effect on Monday include updated travel guidance.

"This means minimising travel wherever possible and no overnight stays. Local residents should use their discretion and think very carefully about whether journeys are needed, continuing to exercise caution in all that they do.

"Further details about what travel is permitted within the UK can be found on the gov.uk website."

As part of the roadmap out of lockdown, the rules state travelling abroad for holidays will not be allowed for most people at Easter time.

The Government will review if international travel will get the green light by May 17 at the earliest.

This will hinge on various factors, such as any new variants and the speed of the vaccine rollout in the UK and abroad.