During lockdown, some of us have taken comfort from being accompanied through the year with our beloved pooches. It’s something plenty of people have been thinking about, even if they don’t have a dog, with the RSPCA noting “unprecedented interest” in those looking to get puppies and dogs throughout 2020.

Unfortunately, that has also driven a rise in thefts of dogs across the UK. While North Hampshire has had relatively few thefts, it still pays to be vigilant. Here are some of the dogs that are missing from the area:


The four-year-old blue cocker spaniel disappeared during a walk on New Barn Lane in Wherwell on Wednesday, September 16.

Lindesay Rudd-Clarke and his wife Jeanne, who own Cleo, believe she was stolen and have reported this to Hampshire Police. MP Caroline Nokes joined their campaign and called for change in the law to make pet theft a specific crime in light of Cleo’s disappearance.

Anyone with information about Cleo is asked to phone Hampshire Constabulary on 101 with the reference 44200367337 to help reunite her with her owners. A reward is offered for her safe return.

Kings Worthy

Missing from Kings Worthy, this black cockapoo disappeared on July 31 last year, and is believed to have been lost or stolen by her owners.

The owners report their pet disappeared “within seconds” while visiting friends, and has not been seen since.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the owners via https://www.nationalpetregister.org/mp/96018. A reward is offered for her safe return.


Hazel is a one-year-old cocker spaniel mix who was stolen from Walderton in West Sussex on August 15. A large vehicle was heard pulling up and a dog was heard frantically barking, before tyres screeched as it pulled away.

Therapist Rebecca Taylor, Hazel’s owner, said she was “devastated” and that her clients have been asking after Hazel ever since.

Crimestoppers believe that Hazel could have been moved to Hampshire, and anyone with information should contact them with information. A £2,500 reward is offered for her safe return.

Police statement

While dog thefts are very concerning, Hampshire Police have told residents not to worry, saying they have “low rates” compared to the national picture.

Inspector Korine Bishop said: "People’s concerns online are not being reflected in terms of the number of reports we are getting.

"We want to allay people’s fears. Social media is fantastic – but sharing misinformation can cause fear.

"Not everyone asking about a dog is going to be an attempt to take the dog.

"I've seen posts about a massive increase in dog thefts, and when you look into the original post it was about dog thefts in Ireland.

"We can’t police social media."

Insp Bishop continued: "[I] really, really do urge the public that if they have information, they let us know. We need vehicle registrations and descriptions of people.

"I would ask people not to take matters into their own hands. Anyone carrying what could be a weapon would see them committing an offence themselves.

"Carrying a whistle could be useful.

"Make sure your dog is microchipped, because if it is lost or stolen we can return them to their owner.

"We’d also ask people to keep their dog on their lead. We understand dogs need to run, but keep it in sight.

"I’d ask people to check what they are posting is factually correct."