LAST weekend’s heatwave was a pleasant surprise to Basingstoke residents, with the late-February sunshine putting a smile on many a face.

Unfortunately, temperatures are set to be lower this weekend, but thankfully the sun is making a comeback.

Tomorrow (Sunday, March 6), we’ll see highs of 5°C (even lower than Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavík, which will see highs of 6°C) and lows of 0°C (2°C in Iceland!).

But, no need to worry if a Sunday walk was on your agenda! While a little cloudy, the sunshine seems determined to break through, and the chance of rain remains low for now.

Here’s a full break-down of tomorrow’s forecast for Basingstoke (correct as of 7pm on Friday, March 5, according to The Weather Channel):

12am: 1°C Partly cloudy

1am: 0°C Partly cloudy

2am: 0°C Partly cloudy

3am: 0°C Partly cloudy

4am: 0°C Partly cloudy

5am: 0°C Partly cloudy

6am: 0°C Partly cloudy

7am: 0°C Partly cloudy

8am: 1°C Partly cloudy

9am: 2°C Partly cloudy

10am: 3°C Partly cloudy

11am: 3°C Mostly cloudy

12pm: 3°C Mostly cloudy

1pm: 4°C Mostly cloudy

2pm: 4°C Mostly cloudy

3pm: 5°C Mostly cloudy

4pm: 4°C Mostly cloudy

5pm: 4°C Mostly cloudy

6pm: 3°C Partly cloudy