MICHAEL Gove has been tasked with leading a review into the possible use of vaccine passports as part of the road map for releasing England’s coronavirus lockdown.

Boris Johnson announced that the Cabinet Office minister would head up the review as the Prime Minister acknowledged the “deep and complex issues” surrounding the introduction of Covid-19 status certificates.

The Government review will look at the possibility of the NHS coronavirus app featuring a digital health passport, which would carry details of vaccinations and negative test results.

Proof of a recent negative coronavirus test or having been vaccinated could then be used to attend a particular event if required by organisers.

It is understood that combining the two is one option being considered by ministers, so as to avoid appearing to discriminate against those who decline the jab for health or moral reasons.

With this news, we asked our readers if they would be willing to hold a vaccine passport.

The majority of the 9,500 responses we received said they would be happy to carry proof of vaccination.

Among them were John Scadden and Helen Anderson, who pointed to other examples of vaccine passports already in use.

John Scadden wrote: “There are many countries which required proof of vaccine long before Covid came on the scene. During our lives, we have many vaccinations, why should there be such a problem over this one?”

Helen Anderson added: “I’d have no problem with it. It’s no different to people having to have malaria jabs etc to go to certain countries.”

Others also argued it was the best way to get life back to normal.

Crissie Barnes said: “Absolutely, I would be a lot happier knowing that people in a cinema etc had been vaccinated. Bring it on.”

Kevin Carhart added: “Yes definitely. Anything that allows me to live my life like it was pre-pandemic.”

Andrea Holland is in favour of having a vaccine passport but raises a practical point: “I would but it really needs to be held on a computer database anything else has the potential to be copied and sold on the black market which would then be a complete waste of time.”

Some backed the idea of vaccine passports but added some caveats.

Tony Reardon suggested: “More than happy to but they shouldn’t be issued until the vaccine is made available to everybody.”

Deborah Fitzsimmons said: “Yes but it needs to be two way street, you shouldn't be able to enter this country without one.”

Speaking against the idea of vaccine passports some pointed out that it could lead to discrimination.

Mick Patchett wrote: “Wrong on so many levels if applied domestically. What about pregnant women? They can’t be vaccinated for example, are we really suggesting they should have restrictions applied to them? What about those who have a different medical reason that prevents them?”

Sam Clements said: “So what about people who don't want the vaccine for whatever reason? Should they have their rights taken from them? Surely anyone who is worried about getting covid would get the vaccine and be protected? Why are they so concerned about everyone else? If you want protecting get it, if you don’t that should be the individuals choice.”

Others thought it would be a non essential cost with Steve Carr stating: “Not really. Instead of wasting vast amounts of money on that, it is surely not beyond technology to include it on existing passports!”

Would you be willing to carry a vaccine passport? Let us know below.