LIGHT has been shed on a mysterious armed police incident in Rooksdown which occurred earlier this week.

Armed police descended on Canadian Way on Monday afternoon (February 22), and intercepted a white vehicle, appearing to witnesses to arrest the male driver.

James John, who saw the incident unfold outside his home, said: “I heard a screech of tyres. Then lots of police cars arrived, cutting off the white car. There were lots of police carrying guns, it was quite exciting."

Both Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police previously told the Gazette that their forces were not involved in the incident.

However, it has now been revealed that the operation was attended jointly by both forces.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: “Thames Valley Police informed us that a report had been received of a car with a weapon on board which was driving into Hampshire and there was an intention to stop it.

“The vehicle was stopped in Canadian Way and officers from the local policing team attended to assist.

“As a result of the search, no weapon was located, although a very small amount of class C drugs was located and seized.

“No further action was taken in relation to the drugs.”