BASINGSTOKE residents are blessed with an abundance of top brasseries, restaurants and eateries right on their doorstep, with many of them offering takeout.

But where exactly are the highest ranking places to get your takeaway, according to TripAdvisor? You may be surprised by the results.

The following places that made it into the top ten all received at least 4 stars each, with dozens of high-scoring reviews. But which one gets your vote?

Please note that the restuarants are ranked by TripAdvisor. Some of these places might be temporarily closed because of lockdown restrictions.

10. The Gamekeepers

Rating: 4.5 stars, 604 reviews

Address: Tunworth Rd, Mapledurwell, Basingstoke RG25 2LU

Phone: +44 1256 322038

Customers said: “Beautiful place & food is OK.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

9. The Sushi Maki

Rating: 4.5 stars, 671 reviews

Address: Unit R7 Lower Ground Festival Place, Basingstoke RG21 7BE England

Phone: +44 1256 473375

Customers said: “Fantastic sushi selection and friendly helpful staff.”

“We just had a really delicious meal at Sushi Maki which was excellent value for money.”

Unfortunately, The Sushi Maki recently announced that it will be permanently closing tomorrow (February 28, Sunday) after falling victim to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Basingstoke Gazette:

8. The Fur & Feathers

Rating: 4.5 stars, 671 reviews

Address: A339 Southrope, Basingstoke RG25 2PN

Phone: +44 1256 510510

Customers said: “A perfect example of how to do it right.”

“Just had the loveliest evening.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

7. Glasshouse Restaurant

Rating: 4.5 stars, 240 reviews

Address: Rectory Road Oakley Hall Hotel, Oakley, Basingstoke RG23 7ED

Phone: +44 1256 783350

Customers said: “Lovely.”

“Amongst the best afternoon teas.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

6. Festival Street Kitchen

Rating: 4.5 stars, 530 reviews

Address: Festival Square Festival Place, Basingstoke RG21 7BB

Phone: +44 7533 715451

Customers said: “Best Nachos I've ever had.”
“... my girlfriend and I both had the burritos and nachos and were very full.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

5. The Purefoy Arms

Rating: 4.5 stars, 211 reviews

Address: Preston Candover, Basingstoke RG25 2EJ

Phone: +44 1256 389514

Customers said: “I love their fish and chips.”

“Incredible Ribs”

Basingstoke Gazette:

4. Spices and Spirits

Rating: 5 stars, 307 reviews

Address: 3 Kings Furlong Centre, Basingstoke RG21 8YT

Phone: +44 1256 636575

Customers said: "Excellent , Authentic Indian food in a great atmosphere."

“Brilliant choice of dishes.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

3. Chennai Express

Rating: 4.5 stars, 196 reviews

Address: 19 Wote Street, Basingstoke RG21 7NE

Phone: +44 1256 591059

Customers said: “GREAT quality and beautiful flavours and my new favourite curry has been discovered.”

“Great Tasty Indian Food with Traditional Touch!”

Basingstoke Gazette:

2. Hoddington Arms

Rating: 4.5 stars, 438 reviews

Address: Bidden Road, Upton Grey, Basingstoke RG25 2RL

Phone: +44 1256 862371

Customers said: “Beef and plaice specials were absolutely delicious."

“The roast pork and roast beef were perfect.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

1. Olive House Restaurant

Rating: 4.5 stars, 391 reviews

Address: 21 Church Street, Basingstoke RG21 7QQ

Phone: +44 7493 636588

Customers said: “Really good at making food and wine selections.”

“Genuine Turkish cuisine at its best!”

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