AS WE approach the end of the month, the turn of the season feels closer than ever.

The dark evenings start later, freezing cold nights are rarer, and our lockdown walks are brightened by spotting new varieties of flowers popping up around the area.

This weekend, Basingstoke is set to welcome the true arrival of Spring. On the cusp of a new month comes some very pleasant temperatures.

On Friday, the town is set for a day of sunshine, with highs of 10°c and clear skies. 

The nice weather will even make an appearance on Saturday, allowing for plenty of time outdoors over the weekend - whether that be in your garden, at a local park, or on a walk in your local area.

Saturday’s weather is described as “generally clear” with highs of 11°c.

Looking into next week, clouds are set to darken the skies a little, but spells of sunshine can still be expected, with showers not currently on the horizon until the following weekend.

Here’s a full list of forecasted temperatures over the next two days, correct as of Thursday (February 25) at 5pm on The Weather Channel:

Friday, February 26

7am: Sunny, 1°c

8am: Sunny, 3°c

9am: Sunny, 5°c

10am:Sunny, 7°c

11am: Sunny, 8°c

12pm: Sunny, 10°c

1pm: Sunny, 10°c

2pm: Sunny, 10°c

3pm: Sunny, 10°c

4pm: Sunny, 10°c

5pm: Sunny, 9°c

6pm: Clear, 7°c

7pm: Clear, 6°c

8pm: Clear, 5°c

9pm: Clear, 4°c

10pm: Clear, 4°c

11pm: Clear, 3°c

Saturday, February 27

12am: Clear, 3°c

1am: Clear, 2°c

2am: Clear, 2°c

3am: Clear, 1°c

4am: Clear, 1°c

5am: Clear, 1°c

6am: Clear, 0°c

7am: Clear, 1°c

8am: Sunny, 3°c

9am: Sunny, 5°c

10am: Sunny, 7°c

11am: Sunny, 8°c

12pm: Sunny, 10°c

1pm: Sunny, 10°c

2pm: Mostly Sunny, 11°c

3pm: Mostly Sunny, 11°c

4pm: Mostly Sunny, 10°c