Halloween might be months away but if you're into spooky sites and all things supernatural, then look no further.

Here we reveal the top five scariest places in the borough of Basingstoke and Deane. 

From the stately home attacked by Oliver Cromwell to a former hospital allegedly haunted by its patients of old, there are certainly plenty of sites to make you quiver with terror.

If you have reported any paranormal activity in these areas, we'd love to hear from you. Email newsdesk@basingstokegazette.co.uk. 

1. The Holy Ghost Ruins – the graveyard in South View is the burial place of Mrs Blunden, who was buried alive in 1674. Schoolchildren walking through the graveyard heard her cries. She had apparently drunk poppy water instead of wine, putting her into a coma. The local doctor decided to have her buried immediately because of the heat that summer’s day. Unfortunately, the exertions of trying to get her out of the coffin killed her.

Basingstoke Gazette: The ruins of the Holy Ghost Chapel and grounds

2. Basing House – the ghost of Oliver Cromwell supposedly haunts Basing House, in Old Basing. He arrived at the house in 1645 with an army of men, who attacked the property. The house was eventually set on fire. Various ghost hunts have been carried out in the ruins of the house, and the shadow of Cromwell has reportedly been seen on several occasions.

Basingstoke Gazette:

3. Fort Hill – the site in Winklebury is an Iron Age fort. A well preserved coffin with a skeleton thought to be Roman was found near the site and is now on display in the Willis Museum, at The Top of The Town.

4. Odiham Castle – the castle was built 1207 and 1212 and is the place where King John, reportedly, set out to seal the Magna Carta. The ruins of the castle are said to be haunted, and visitors have reported feeling a cold breeze that seems to come from the walls.

Basingstoke Gazette:

5. Park Prewett – the area has been transformed into the Limes Park development, but it used to the site of a mental hospital, and was expanded until it held 1,300 patients in 1939. Various haunted sightings have been reported. Watch the video below shot inside the former hospital building, and see if you can spot any paranormal activity!