A BASINGSTOKE mother has issued a warning to parents after claiming a group of men intimidated her and her daughter. 

Tara Jones fears the group, one of whom was brandishing a baseball bat, were trying to approach her six-year-old daughter.

Hampshire Police confirmed one man was carrying a baseball bat but said no crimes were committed. 

Tara said the terrifying ordeal left them in tears after the incident on Monday afternoon in Oakridge (February 22).

The mother, 20, said she was surrounded by three men whilst walking with her daughter Skylar, on Queen Mary’s Avenue, at around ten past three.

Tara told The Gazette: “I was walking back from South View school to my home address and as I got around halfway down Queen Mary’s Avenue, there is an entrance near The Vyne school to a walkway.

“It was there that a guy with a baseball bat came out he was hanging around and swinging it about. It looked to me like he was trying to get my attention, it didn’t look right and with this I felt something behind me.

“When I turned around there were two guys right behind me one of them had their arm out as if he was about to grab my daughter’s arm. I quickly turned around moved out the way and straight away called the police.”

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She said the traumatic incident has had a huge impact on Tara and her daughter who has been up all night crying and asking why the men were so close to her.

Tara is now urging other parents to be more vigilant when walking with their children in the area.

“As a mum, you know when something is not right. I walk the route every day and it’s made me feel very nervous. It’s the only quick route towards her school and if I were to take the longer route it would add 35 minutes onto my journey which isn’t possible when my daughter has severe asthma.

“I would say to other parents keep your children close to you don’t let them walk anywhere on their own. Be more vigilant when your children are out playing too. Just be a bit more careful it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: "We received a report of three men, one with a baseball bat, being seen in Queen Mary Avenue around 3.10pm yesterday (Feb 22).

"The person reporting the incident walked past the man with the bat and two of the men walked behind her. When she walked away from them they did not follow her.

"Officers spoke with a man in the area carrying a baseball bat, but no offences were identified."

Tara said she hoped the police force would take the incident seriously. 

News of the incident was shared on social media with Tara urging other parents to remain vigilant. 

Other members of the public reported seeing the trio in the area at the time.