RAFI Razzak's company has appealed a decision to list the Camrose stadium as an asset of community value.

As previously reported, Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council listed the stadium as an ACV last month, affording the stadium protections and recognising its potential to "provide community benefit in the future".

But now, the owner of the Camrose has requested that the authority review its decision.

Basron, owned by former club chairman Rafi Razzak, purchased the freehold of the ground from the estate of Lord Camrose in 2016.

The club were evicted in 2019, and when football is able to resume, will be playing their home games at the Winklebury Sports Complex.

Basron own around 70 per cent of the Camrose stadium, with the council owning the other 30 per cent.

Last February, The Gazette revealed the existence of a covenant stating that the ground should be used as a football stadium until 2053.

BDBC now have eight weeks to conduct a review of the decision, and must be carried out by an officer not involved in the original decision. In this case, this will be Fiona Thomsen, the borough council's head of law and governance.

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council’s head of borough development and improvement, David Covill, who made the decision to list the site in the first place, said: “We have received a request from the owner of the Camrose to review a decision to list the site as an asset of community value.

"An independent review will now be carried out by the council’s Head of Law and Governance.”

ACV status gives Basingstoke Town Community Football Club six months to raise the money to submit a bid to buy the ground, should Mr Razzak choose to sell it.

The historic stadium, which saw two planning applications on the site turned down last September, was listed as an asset of community value by BDBC in January.

Mr Razzak has been contacted for comment.