The theme for this month for Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club was Basingstoke Buildings.

Unsurprisingly, we received a huge number of photographs of stunning Basingstoke buildings from our members. From the ruins of Holy Ghost Chapel to differnet angles of Festival Place, the photos were elegant and different at the same time.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Some of the other landmark buildings captured were the Lilly Court, Hexagon House and Hackwood Park Estate Office.

Each month, we set our members our camera club a theme, and at the end of that month we then print the best photos in the paper , as well as on our website. It’s free and easy to join. Simply search ‘Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club’ on Facebook. Congratulations to everyone who had their picture printed this month. Unfortunately, we could not include all the photos.

March’s theme will be announced on the page soon.