A BASINGSTOKE mum is set to appear on ITV’s brand new reality tv show, Million Pound Pawn, which will air next week.

The new three-part ITV series opens the door to the fast moving and often lucrative industry of pawn-broking, telling the story of people with incredible assets and the eye-watering stakes at play; for both the owners and pawnbrokers trying to close the deal and make a profit.

Fran Sawyer, from Beggarwood, is set to appear on the first episode next Tuesday (February 23) at 8pm, in which she attempts to pawn the watch she inherited from her uncle.

The 52-year-old told the Gazette: “My uncle passed, and he left me watch. I’m from a gypsy family, and he won it in a poker game. He said, do something good with it and I thought, what will I do?”

As previously reported by the Gazette, Fran recently created a unique ACE stopper dressing for people with stomas, which is now being sold to hospitals across the world.

She was inspired by the needs of her 17-year-old son, and determined to prove that ‘being glamorous doesn’t make you stupid’.

She said: “I want to do another invention, and I need some money behind me. It took me five years last time and it was a struggle, but I can do it in 18-months with some money.

“They didn’t know if the watch was fake, or how much money it would be worth. I wanted it to be life-changing for other people.”

The series was filmed in August, shortly before the second national lockdown in England.

Fran said: “They came round and videoed at my house in Beggarwood - all the neighbours were standing at their windows!

“Then I travelled to Sheffield to meet the pawnbroker and find out how much the watch was worth.”

Fran, who is a single mother-of-two and full-time carer to her son, has previously appeared on several reality TV shows, including Channel 4’s popular First Dates.

“ITV is the hardest one to get in to,” she said.

Summing up why she enjoys applying for TV shows, she added: “It keeps me away from being a carer all the time, it gives me a bit of fun. I am a big character, I think life is short and, if I want to do something, I do it.”

When asked what her favourite part of being part of the all-new Million Pound Pawn process was, Fran said: “I met a really good friend. The pawnbroker, Dan, is a friend for life. We connected instantly and I would say he is one of the nicest men I have ever met.”

  • Million Pound Pawn begins on ITV on Tuesday, February 23 2021.