A resident of Crockford Lane has warned of an impending danger as a flood has formed near the old Marshland near Basingstoke.

There is a constant deluge running across the road, and the resident has described it as “an accident waiting to happen.”

There are two major risks because of the flood. The manhole covers on the road are being lifted due to the pressure of the water, causing danger to motorists. The flood has also formed a small stream to the deep water next to the pavement, causing bigger risks if the water flow strengthens.

The flooding started soon after the completion of construction works next to it. The site used to be a marshland prior to that.

He said he wants to remain anonymous, but said the flood could lead to a tragedy if not fixed soon. He has also shared concerning pictures of the flood explaining the dire situation.

“Since the construction of a new commercial buildings on the old marshland, Crockford Lane has constantly had issues with flooding.

“The manholes are being lifted under the pressure of water trying to get through. This is an accident waiting to happen, there is deep water next to the pavement with no warning signs or any substantial safety railings.

“There is a constant deluge running across the road even now it's like a river.

Basingstoke and Deane Council and Hampshire County Council have been contacted for a comment.

The resident said the council had had people come and go, but there has not been a permanent solution yet.

“There were attempts to clear it but as soon as it rains, it starts again. The pressure is too much for the manholes it just pushes them up and causes a hazard to motorists.”