Party goers from Basingstoke have made national news after their unauthorised gathering saw police called out.

Six people from different households held a party in Guernsey Close, Popley on Saturday night, during the national lockdown.

Police attended to break up the party, where the revellers told them that they were unaware of the pandemic because they "didn't watch the news".

Whilst they may not watch the news, those six people have ended up in the news themselves after national broadcasters caught wind of the case.

BBC, Sky and ITV's Good Morning Britain have all reported on the Covid breach in Basingstoke today (Monday).


Meanwhile, a tweet from the Basingstoke Cops account has been retweeted hundreds of times and liked on more than one thousand occassions.

People across the country have been having their say with one user saying that you have to be a "complete hermit" not to have heard about the pandemic.

Another quipped: "I don’t watch the news. Has anyone heard whether the Titanic has docked yet?"

A third added: "I've been saying for years we should move to Basingstoke!"

Police have launched an investigation, with the party goers facing a fine or even a trip to court should officers deem them to have broken lockdown law.