HOMESCHOOLING returned for thousands of families across the Basingstoke borough this week.

For many parents, homeschooling is a mixture of fun, challenging and difficult - all in one day. 

We think you - parents, teachers and children - are absolute heroes and deserve a bit of recognition.

So we'd love to share some of your activities, hacks and pictures over the upcoming weeks in The Gazette. 

Whether it’s inventing science experiments from items in the kitchen cupboard, brushing up on books by classic authors or running a class remotely, we’d love to see what you’re up to as you begin to navigate life in the home classroom once again.

Share your home schooling photos and hacks 

Use the form below to send us your pictures of home school life, plus a few details like the names of your children, where you are and what you are working on day-to-day.

Also, please share any ideas, tips or hacks you might have to help others in the same position.

We’ll feature as many of your pictures as we can as we all get stuck into home schooling together once again.