EXPERTS at the Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) have analysed neighbourhoods across Basingstoke to expose the areas struggling to access online food deliveries.

Specialists at CDRC investigated which neighbourhoods had characteristics associated with food deserts.

These included how close supermarkets were, how many grocery facilities there were in the area and how much online availability there is.

Transport, accessibility and neighbourhood socio-economic characteristics were also taken into account.

An interactive map has now been created to display the findings.

It shows that remote and rural neighbourhoods often suffer the dual disadvantage of poor access to supermarkets nearby alongside limited provision of online food delivery opportunities.

Andy Newing, Associate Professor at the University of Leeds, who led this study, said:“These inequalities in online groceries delivery availability are driven by the challenges of providing services within out most remote and rural areas, alongside the predominantly urban and suburban nature of investment in e-groceries by retailers.”

How does the map work?

The map is constructed using data from the Census, online consumer behaviours, the availability of online food shops and existing indicators of deprivation.

The higher the score the harder it is to access online food deliveries, it appears red on the map.

The lower scores are represented with green and indicates the area has easier access to online food shopping.

Basingstoke Gazette:

If you want to check out your area in more detail you can view the whole map by clicking here.

Here are the highest and lowest scoring areas for Basingstoke:

Basingstoke Gazette:

Basingstoke Gazette:


Is in the highest scoring decile, meaning it is has characteristics associated with a food desert.

Online food shopping in this area will be significantly harder than in lower scoring deciles.

Sherborne St John

This area scores slightly below Cliddesden raking in the second decile, but resident will still have a difficult time online food shopping.


This area ranks in the middle, whilst it is not central to Basingstoke the area still has easier access to online delivery slots than Cliddesden.

Houndmills & Oakridge

This area has the best access to online food shopping and ranks in the lowest scoring decile.