BASINGSTOKE Town has sought to clarify its position after comments earlier this week regarding its future plans and ambitions.

In a statement on the club's website, acting chairman Kevin White said he wanted to "add a little meat to the bones of the comments".

He said: “The Gazette have done an unbelievable job in raising the profile of the Camrose scandal.

"The fact they have been shortlisted in the British Journalism Awards for their investigation is further testament to that. The recent article talked about my own personal love of wanting to return to our old ground.

"As a Club, we’ve also made that position clear on a number of occasions. However, I think the emphasised use of ‘but’ when commenting on an ‘uphill battle’ has been lost a little bit in translation to some who have expressed concern.”

Kevin added: “Yes – I believe there is an uphill battle ahead of us, I think that goes without saying.

"But that does not deter us – it just means that we have to arm ourselves with very tools that can allow us to make it happen.

"It’s going to be a huge ask – but this town has proven time and time again, that when the chips are stacked against us and even being dealt a bad hand – as a community, we find a way”.

“We look forward to working with the council and other representatives to ensure that the future of this club is protected.

"We will continue to keep everyone updated with progress, meetings and ongoing work."