A FAMILY business in Odiham was broken into last night, with electronic equipment, cash and alcohol stolen.

The team at the Pickled Pepper Deli, on the High Street, posted to Facebook this morning to share their “hurt and disappointment.”

The post read: “So sad, hurt and disappointed to say we were broken into last night at 2.15am.

“As unlikely as it is, if anyone has any information they believe would be helpful, could you please let us know. From a very shaken team at the Pickled Pepper Deli.”

Owners Jim and Amanda Coomber discovered what had happened early this morning when Amanda went to prepare the shop for opening.

Jim told the Gazette: “My wife arrived this morning to see the till open and tray out. It’s frightening, because my wife goes out to the shop early in the morning, about 6.30am when it’s still dark, so I’m mostly worried about her.”

“The biggest problem we had is the i-pad being taken, because we need it for all our point of sale stuff, it’s our till essentially.”

He added that, while it was too early to know the exact losses, a quantity of cash was also taken from the register, as well alcohol, including “ a lot of gin”.

The shop’s CCTV recorded one person entering the shop.

“You can see one guy wearing a Superdry coat, but he’s wearing a face mask and gloves, so it’s not a lot to go on,” said Jim.

The couple live behind the shop, and say the worrying part is that the intruder likely gained access that way, from the back, although they were asleep and heard nothing.

There was no damage to the property itself, or signs of forced entry.

“We were lucky in that respect,” said Jim. “To be honest they did nothing malicious, nothing was smashed or anything.”

The deli remains open as normal while the owners work with the police.

“In the run up to Christmas, we’ve got to do what we can,” said Jim.

Comments of support from members of the Odiham community quickly came flooding in, with many people offering their help if needed.

One wrote: “I am so sorry this has happened to you. You have put so much into your business and have been so helpful to our community. It’s absolutely shameful that this could take place in our village.”

Another added: Oh that’s heartbreaking! How could anyone do this to such lovely, hard working people.”

The Gazette has contacted Hampshire Constabulary for comment.