Hampshire Constabulary is applying to get three restraining orders discharged in court tomorrow.

The police forced has applied to Basingstoke magistrates for three separate cases.

The first, made on February 14, 2019, is to discharge a restraining order made against Brian Paul Gouldthorpe. The grounds are “Mr Gouldthropre believes he has turned his life around and wishes to be reconciled [with the individual involved].”

The second, made on, September 25, 2017, is to discharge a restraining order against Jonathan Lee Van-Zyl. The grounds are the victim “no longer feels the need to be protected by this order as Mr Van Zyl has shown consistently good behaviour towards her.

The third, made on February 2, is to discharge a restraining order against Robert Elliott Wyatt.  The grounds are the victim believes that the order was made “whilst she was distressed” and it is “unnecessary”. The police report says: “She wishes to have contact with him and for him to resume being her carer.”

The force's applications will be considered at Basingstoke Magistrates' Court tomorrow.