WHEN the government put England into four weeks of lockdown, some felt it was a case of ‘here we go again’.

But the difference this time around was that now the days are shorter and darker, the weather is colder, and it can be easier to curl up in hibernation than go out and explore.

This month we asked our Camera Club members to share their ‘Life in Lockdown 2’ stories in pictures - and a huge variety of stunning photos came flooding in.

From nature walks, to peering at the world inside from the comfort of their homes, and from working from ‘home’ to wandering eerily quiet streets and roads, our members used their creativity to sum up what this period meant to for them.

While so much remains uncertain, it is refreshing to see that beauty can be found even in the seemingly darkest of times, and that such a monumental chapter in history can be documented so artistically.

As we now veer headfirst towards the end of the year, and a little Christmas sparkle edges into our day-to-day routines, we can look back and take a glimpse at Basingstoke’s journey through ‘Lockdown 2’.

Each month, we set our members our camera club a theme, and at the end of that month we then print the best photos in the paper, as well as on our website.

It’s free and easy to join. Simply search ‘Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club’ on Facebook.

Congratulations to everyone who had their picture printed this month.

December’s theme will be announced on the page soon.