A Basingstoke-based catering comapny got a mention on Have I Got News For You over a punctuation blunder.

Anu’s Kitchen, which previously had a restaurant on New Street, hit the headlines this week after its South London branch suffered a publishing oversight with a batch of flyers.

The Indian cuisine specialists had left out an apostrophe on its leaflets, with its name reading ‘Anus Kitchen’ instead. The flip side of the leaflet invited customers to take part in the 'anus party deal'.  

The story, which was picked up by The Sun earlier this week, caused much laughter on this week's installment of the BBC comedy show. 

Guest host Jo Brand introduced the story, saying: “This week, London restaurant Anu’s Kitchen was left red-faced for printing an advert for the restaurant forgot the all-important apostrophe.

She added: “Have a look at this all-important picture.”

Basingstoke Gazette: The leaflet shared on Twitter (Twitter Anu's Kitchen) The leaflet shared on Twitter (Twitter Anu's Kitchen)

The camera then cut to a close up of the leaflet.

The programme, which aired on Friday, November 27, featured reoccurring team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop.

They were joined by panellists comedian Reginald D Hunter and television presenter Charlene White.

A couple of eagle-eyed viewers were quick to point out the chain’s links to Basingstoke, with debate over whether the photograph used was of its former New Street branch or the restaurant in London.

Basingstoke Gazette:

One man wrote: “Have I Got News, [I’ve] got to say that this isn’t London – it is Basingstoke. This sign was very funny five years ago when I still lived there.”

While another wrote: “Anus (Anu’s) restaurant was in Basingstoke – not London as stated in tonight’s show.”

Anu’s Kitchen has now been rebranded as Anu’s Catering and operates from Lytton Close.

When management was unable to extend its lease in New Street in 2018, they submitted an application to take over an empty unit at Kings Furlong.

Basingstoke Gazette:

This never materialised, leading the chain to convert into a catering business in Basingstoke and open up stores elsewhere. 

Last year, Anu Caters won Caterer of the Year South and overall Caterer of the Year at the National Curry Awards. 

Anu’s Kitchen has been contacted for comment.