YESTERDAY the government announced that Basingstoke, along with the rest of Hampshire, will be placed into Tier 2 restrictions  when lockdown comes to an end. 

Under the new medium tier system, bars and pubs must close unless they are offering a “substantial meal”.

It means you wont be able to pop to your local for a pint as venues in tier two areas are now only allowed to serve alcohol as an accompaniment with food.

But what classifies as a substantial meal and is there a limit on how much you can drink at a restaurant?

Here is what we know:

What is a substantial meal?

The Government’s Covid Winter Plan is vague and outlines a substantial meal as “a full breakfast, main lunch time or evening meal”.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick had previously stated, before the tier announcement, that a substantial meal is one "you would expect to have as a midday meal or an evening meal".

Snacks like crisps or a portion of chips are unlikely to classify as a ‘substantial meal’.

Can I share a meal and still order alcohol?

The government guidelines are open to interpretation and don't offer much clarity.

But it will likely depend how much food you share and with how many people.

Sharing one meal with your household, or your group of six, if you sit outside, will not meet the standard.

However, some dishes are designed to share, and that will constitutes as a meal for a couple of people.

How many drinks can I order whilst I eat?

The Government have not yet provided any detail on how many drinks you can whilst eating.

How long can I drink for after my meal?

The guidelines only state that alcoholic drinks must be served with food.

An official spokesperson for the prime minister confirmed that drinkers must leave the venue once they have finished their food.

When will I be able to go to the pub for a pint?

The Government has confirmed that it will be reviewing the measures on December 16.

It means each reigon will have two weeks to reduce infections and make their case for being moved down.