IN THE 12 months from October 2019 up to the end of September 2020, a total of 713 burglaries were reported in Basingstoke.

Incidents of burglary that are recorded by police are accessible to the public on the website.

The same data is also dropped into an interactive map, allowing residents to track the number of various crimes that have been recorded by police in their area.

Using burglary data recorded, the Gazette has provided a detailed breakdown of the number of offences across each policing ward.

Below is a list of each area, running from the ward with the highest number of burglaries so far this year through to the lowest.

Basingstoke Rural South- 142

Basingstoke Gazette:

This policing ward is the area with the highest number of burglaries across Basingstoke so far in 2020.

Of the 142 burglaries recorded by police, 22 took place in October 2019.

During October there were 10 burglaries in this area.

Basingstoke North- 138

Basingstoke Gazette:

With four fewer burglaries recorded by police, Basingstoke North is the ward with the second highest number of offences over the last 12 months.

The data shows that the month with the most burglaries was November 2019, with 27.

Last month there were five burglaries in the area.

Basingstoke West- 130

Basingstoke Gazette:

Basingstoke West is the third worst area for burglaries taking place.

A total of 16 burglaries were recorded by police in August, April 2020 and November 2019.

During October there were 13 burglaries in the area.

Basingstoke Centre-124

Basingstoke Gazette:

The month with the highest number of burglaries was March with 20.

During October there were eight burglaries in the area.

Basingstoke Rural West- 91

Basingstoke Gazette:

The ward of Rural West recorded 91 burglaries recorded by police, 16 took place in November 2019 making it the highest month.

During October there were nine burglaries in the area.

Basingstoke East- 67

Basingstoke Gazette:

You are less likely to be burgled in this ward.

Of the 67 burglaries, nine took place in January.

During October, last month, there were six burglaries in the area.

Basingstoke Rural East- 65

Basingstoke Gazette:

This is the second safest ward for burglaries.

Of the 65 burglaries, 18 took place in November 2019

During October there were three burglaries in the area.

Basingstoke South- 53

Basingstoke Gazette:

This police ward has had seen the lowest number of burglaries over the last 12 months.

October 2019 saw the highest reports of burglaries with total of 12.

During last month there were four burglaries in the area.