OVERNIGHT crimes have risen in Basingstoke over the past few weeks - leading to police issuing advice to residents.

Officers have noted a "small rise" in incidents including burglary and theft from vehicles and sheds.

In a Facebook post, a spokesperson said: "Over the last few weeks there has been a small rise in crimes committed mainly overnight, which include theft from motor vehicle, burglary and theft from sheds.

"We are bringing this to your attention with the view of offering some crime prevention advice and inform you on what we are doing.

"We will target hotspot areas at the times the offences are believed to be taking place based on our analytical studies and other proactive work. This will be via increased plain clothed patrols and uniformed patrols.

"Should you happen across any information or CCTV regarding these matters please call 101, if you wish to report any new crimes or matters please use the normal online reporting, 101 for non-emergencies or 999 in an emergency.

"Register your cctv cameras by emailing: nicedemssupport@hampshire.pnn.police.uk and request to register your cameras."

They also offered a number of 'top tips' for residents, to try and prevent the opportunity for such crimes to occur.

They said: "Believe it or not many vehicles that have had items stolen from have been left unlocked overnight, it’s an easy oversight with our busy lives and car sharing – it may be helpful to have an evening routine of checking before you go to bed. Many of the thefts are by opportunist thieves who try door handles while out walking about."

To keep vehicles and their contents protected, they also suggested:

  • Keep any smart keys as far away from the vehicle as possible or in a shield case to prevent the signal being interrupted or used to enter your keyless entry vehicles.
  • Remove any item inside the vehicle or from sight where possible to stop the temptation from thieves.

They also offered a few measures that people can take to protect their homes.

"The impression that someone is always home is one of the greatest deterrents, along with again as with vehicles locking all of your doors and removing the keys," they said.

"Good quality locks and interior scream alarms on outbuildings and sheds can be some simple fixes."