FURLOCK Holmes Animal Care in Whitchurch is appealing for donations to help it continue running its services throughout the winter.

A spokesman posted online: “As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, we yet again find ourselves frantically trying to raise funds to keep our animals healthy and warm over the winter period.

“This is a struggle every year as the poor weather leads to an increase in the number of animals surrendered to the rescue.

“So not only does it cost us more to keep our animals warm with extra bedding and heating, but this also means more mouths to feed, more vet bills and more work for our dedicated volunteers.

“This year, however, we face an even bigger challenge than normal. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing chaos worldwide, our fundraisers have been cancelled.”

Due to lockdown 2, the shelter’s regular events such as its ‘Socially-distanced Private Tour Experiences’, which raise much-needed funds, are just not possible.

It added: “Despite the restrictions put upon us, we have been working hard to care for not just our rescue residents, but our sanctuary residents too.

“These are animals which, due to ongoing health and/or behaviour reasons, cannot be adopted out to new homes.

“As you can imagine, this means we are frequent visitors at the vet.

“As a self-funded rescue organisation, we rely on our own fundraising efforts and donations from the public.

“You may see us walking dogs around Whitchurch or visiting your neighbour’s cat – in this current, particularly-difficult time, these services are helping to fund our sanctuary residents too.

“We understand that everyone is struggling at the moment, but No one is having an easy time and there is still so much uncertainty. But, we beg you to take a moment to think about those animals suffering too.

“You may not be able to donate financially, but please share our posts on Facebook, tell your friends and spread the word. Help us in our fight to save the animals and be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.

“Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. Without you, Furlock Holmes wouldn’t be here.”

To donate, visit: furlockholmes.co.uk/donate