PEOPLE in Basingstoke search for answers to sex questions more than 1,000 times a month.

A recent Google study shows there have been 449,590 UK searches questions relating to sex in the last month.

This inspired the experts at to scrape the internet to find out what sort of questions are being asked and by who.

Basingstoke was one of the most curious about sex with 1,470 searching for answers– here’s the breakdown of the number of people searching for questions including the words ‘sex’,

  • ‘Condom’ - 90
  • ‘Sex’ – 1,300
  • ‘Penis size’ - 10
  • ‘Lube’ - 40
  • ‘STI’ – 30

According to the site, the most asked questions included: “Is it ok to have sex every day?”, “Do condoms kill the feeling?”, “Does lube have side effects?”, “What’s the average penis size?” and “how long does it take for STI to show?”

The South East is the region searching for the most questions about ‘sex’ with 68,500 monthly searches in total.