A FIRE has destoryed a static mobile home in Tadley this morning after a suspected electical fault. 

The mobile home in Sleepy Hollow, Forest Lane was engulfed in flames just after 10am this morning.

Thankfully the home owners and other residents were all accounted for safe and uninjured.

Ryan Thurman, group commander for North Hampshire said: "We had our call at 10.10am to the address, 7 Sleepy Hollow, Forest Lane. There were numerous calls to the property so we knew early on it was well alight. We thought initially that there might have been occupants inside but luckily they were out."
On arrival crews found a well developed fire in the property and immediately got two people in breathing apparstuses and water onto the fire.

As further resources arrived the fire service spread the water supplies and attacked the fire as hard and fast as they could.

The damage is extensive throughout the property and the fire service estimate around half the property has been damaged by fire and the other half by smoke. Mr Thurman added: "We are going to be working with the occupants and the British Red Cross to get everything sorted.

The fire service do not believe that there is "anything suspicious" about the fire and are putting it down to an electrical fault.