A WOMAN was forced to move out of her newly built home after she was asked to move in whilst it was unfinished.

Natalia James moved from Hook into Squirrel Wood in Rooksdown back in September, but was appalled when she found her house was not completed and she was left isolated with roads around the development left without street signs.

The ward councillor for Rooksdown has hit out at the developers for asking residents to move in whilst the estate was left in such a state, saying the developers should be “ashamed and deeply embarrassed”.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Natalia, a piano teacher, was expecting to move into her dream home in September, only to find out after the move that her boiler did not work, that cupboards had been damaged and appliances in the kitchen didn’t work.

A thermostat for the kitchen was placed in the bedroom, with the bedroom thermostat in the kitchen.

“They just fixed it temporairily,” she told The Gazette. “I had to move to my friend’s. The house wasn’t ready for living. We have been struggling for two months.

“Sometimes when you call them you just get questions. These are simple things that are supposed to be done. They cannot just leave this.”

Basingstoke Gazette:

Meanwhile, Cllr Simon Bound said he was “appalled” that the developers left the properties “completed isolated and almost impossible to find”.

“I understand the residents’ deep concerns should they need an ambulance or god forbid a fire engine. It feels like you have to take your life into your own hands to cross a building site to get to the isolated corner where people are setting up home.”

A spokesperson for developers Places for People said: “We are committed to providing a residential development and neighbourhood where residents enjoy living. We are contacting all residents who live at Squirrel Wood and will take immediate action where it is needed.”