If you're scared of heights and thought walking over one of the ring road bridges was bad, spare a thought for these workmen.

Archive footage from British Pathé shows a team of workers erecting a large electricity pylon on the outskirts of Basingstoke - one that still stands today.

The report, from 1956, follows the team as they build the mammoth pylon, dressed smartly and without a harness or hard hat in sight.

The pylons, which stand on average 136 foot tall and are made of up to 400 pieces of metal, can be erected by "a good gang" in just a day.

They carry the electricity from the power stations to the area boards, who distribute the electricity to the public, the report states.

Thankfully the electricity in the cables were turned off whilst the work was ongoing, but the men risked their lives climbing the pylons, knowing one missed step would send them tumbling down to the fields below.

The film also shows one man - Doug Giddes - precariously clambering into a flying trolley, to check the spacers between the lines.