AN ALLEGED murderer has told a court that he would “throw his weight around” and take liberties with a Basingstoke dealer who supplied him with drugs for over a year.

Olamide Soyege is accused of killing Taylor Williams, from Bromley, in Shooters Way, Basingstoke, on Saturday, August 31, 2019.

The 18-year-old died after a stab wound to his chest fatally cut his heart, causing him to lose a litre of blood and suffer a cardiac arrest.

Winchester Crown Court heard today (Monday) that on the day of the fatal stabbing Soyege had bought from a drugs dealer called ‘Coco’ after two drug users had contacted him about getting heroin.

Giving evidence, the 29-year-old said: “They thought I had drugs, someone told them I had drugs. I lead them to believe I did – I just used my head. They were told to come pick me up, I needed a lift. I used my head it’s cheaper, it’s free.

“I said I was on my way to get drugs.”

Soyege said that he had used the pair for a “free taxi” to be able to get drugs for himself.

The court was told that Soyege rang ‘Coco’ but they did not have heroin for the users that contacted him. It was not until some 40 minutes later at 7.39pm that he called the Ray line.

Prosecuting, Sarah Jones QC said in cross examination: “As Coco had told you that they didn’t have what you want why did you wait 40 minutes to try to call the Ray line,” to which Soyege replied: “Because it’s not my priority it’s not for me.”

It is claimed that Soyege had received a marketing text from the Ray network earlier that day telling users that drugs were available.

However, Soyege contacted ‘Coco’ instead, who he had been using for over a year to buy drugs.

He said: “I never pay the right prices, if it was £50 I would have given him £30.

“With Coco, never asked me if I got the correct money. If I have £10, I give him £10. It’s not about what he expects.

“I know I have never given Coco the correct money. I have got a relationship with him, I’m not going to say friend.

“I did used to throw my weight around a little bit. I take liabilities [sic]. If I knew you couldn’t do my anything personally, I would take liabilities [sic].

“I wouldn’t care about what happened the next day.”

He added: “I have never given him the correct amount for a long time. This is the relationship I had with Coco.”

Ms Jones QC said Soyege was effectively committing robbery as on occasions he did not have any money to pay for the drugs but would take them anyway.

The jury were told that Soyege had a business selling dresses in 2018 and early 2019, but in June his life hit a downward spiral and started taking drugs almost daily.

On the day of the murder Soyege is said to have had around £110 with him, and Ms Jones questioned where the money had come from.

He was later asked whether had sold drugs for another network named ‘Nemo’ to which he replied: “I sold drugs for myself”.

The court heard that Soyege had met Taylor Williams before and it is said that he had his number saved as “Ray T”. The court has previously heard that Taylor was part of the the Ray drugs network.

Soyege is on trial alongside Terence Maccabee, 19, of Southwark, who is also accused of murder. The pair are also facing charges of robbery and conspiracy to rob.

Maccabee is also accused of having a knife in Bermuda Park, Popley, earlier that evening.

A third defendant, Paige Taylor, planned to rob Taylor and the Ray drugs network of crack cocaine and heroin.

The trio deny all charges. The trial continues.