VUE cinema in Basingstoke's Festival Place is showing a number of horror classics to mark Halloween.

Halloween fanatics will be excited to see the return of Hocus Pocus. Set on Halloween night itself, this comedy horror follows the accidental awakening of a villainous comedic trio of witches in Salem, Massachusetts

For true horror film enthusiasts, Jack Nicholson returns to the silver screen as the hopeless caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, in The Shining. Stanley Kubrick’s iconic directorial display has Nicholson reliving the disturbed history of his new job, as he slowly loses his sanity whilst staying with his family.

For those looking for something gorier, The Nightmare on Elm Street will also air. Including Johnny Depp’s big screen debut, film-goers should prepare for a fright as they watch the monstrous spirit of a slain murderer seek revenge on the parents who caused his untimely death, by invading the dreams of their teenage children.

Film production lecturer and Vue ambassador, Dr. Agata Lulkowska, said: “Scary movies are so enduringly popular because of the adrenaline rush they give us of being scared while in a safe environment, and the big screen experience increases that experience."

“Every moment is heightened in a darkened room, with a huge screen and surrounded by sound. The sense of community, with the whole room joining in with the suspense, the gasps and the screams, make the cinema a special environment for enjoying this kind of film – not to mention the fact that you can’t pause. You really get to experience the journey exactly how these iconic filmmakers intended.”

Eduardo Leal, Head of Screen Content at Vue Entertainment, said: “We remain very much open for business and look forward to welcoming customers who want to take the opportunity to escape and switch-off in front of the big screen with these iconic titles.”

Coronavirus restrictions are in place as well as staggered start times to avoid crowding and hand sanitiser points.

Tickets are available now at For more information on the safety measures being implemented, customers can visit: