Dear editor,

It must be me! Hampshire County Council, along with authorities in Reading, Wokingham and West Berkshire are thinking of making all of the road to Reading dual carriageway, and what do we hear from the local council? We don't want it!

Improved connectivity between the M3 and M4 is a no no! Can you believe it? Every where else in the modern world connectivity is seen as an advantage, leading to economic growth, but not here. No we'll just carry on with what some say is one of the most dangerous roads in Britain.

Personally I'd love a dual carriageway to Reading, it would be a major step forward for Basingstoke. There is of course another road that needs vast improvement and that is the A339 to Kingsclere and Alton, but based on the attitude displayed towards the idea of improving the A33 to Reading, I don't think the A339 will ever be improved.

No they think it would damage Basingstoke's business parks if the A33 was improved, so obviously the M3 has got go, that was our biggest mistake to date, and before that letting the railway come here was pure stupidity. Get that horse and cart back on the road, and what do you mean by saying you're looking forward to flying off somewhere once this pandemic is over? Anybody would think you're living in the 21st century coming out with things like that, oh hold on we are in the 21st century, well tell the flipping council that, they're still living in the first half of the 20th century.

Brian Simmonds, Belmont Heights, Hatch Warren, Basingstoke